Trying to Find Out What Types of YouTube Channels Are Awesome

I have done a lot of research on this particular subject and I want to share what I’ve found with you guys today.

My Favorite Channels in Existence

ultimatetvreviews – this youtube channel will show you all of the things you need to know before purchasing a television. Pretty much every single time that I need to learn about buying TV I going this channel and learn about it. It’s incredibly simple. And if you don’t learn something from it, then you’re just not paying attention.

Eeekie – Yeah..I know that’s a lot of e’s but this guy can straight add a lot of Thomas to your bank accounts. There’s a lot of famous rappers like to talk about that. I have been able to find a lot of high-quality videos on this guy’s channel. He goes into a lot of detail about how you’re able to make some money online. We’re not talking huge numbers, but good enough for it to be respectable.

*** I’m going to update the remainder of the list later. Just know that these are my favorite channels at this current time.

Do You Know of Any Channels?

If you guys have a suggestion for a channel please be sure to make it in the comments or you can contact me. I’m always looking to add to list check out new channels. So I would really appreciate it if you guys would suggest some.


We love dogs!

This youtube video is about dogs. I love dogs a lot. They make me happy.